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fischer_kinsey's Journal

A Fischer/Kinsey Icon Community
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All Members , Moderated
To off-set the influx of icon posts in my communities, angela_kinsey and jennaxfischer, I created this community. Any and all icon posts featuring Jenna, Angela and their characters are welcome!

A Few Rules:
- Office icon posts that don't feature Angela and/or Jenna will not be accepted.
- Make sure at least one of your preview icons feature Angela and/or Jenna.
- On that note, 3 or 4 preview icons per post please!
- Title your post with the number of Angela/Jenna icons you have. Honestly, I just don't like untitled posts. :x
- No small or custom-colored text. My old-lady eyes can't handle it.

Stylesheet by thefulcrum

I just started this community (03/24/2008) so please excuse its empty blandness. ;)