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Office Icons including Jenna!

20 x the office icons]
[12 x Jenna/ Pam Icons]



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37 Angela Kinsey icons

Because it's her 37th Birthday. I AM SO CLEVER :D

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Angela Icons.

[37] Last Comic Standing
[30] Angela Martin season 2
[37] Angela Martin season 3


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I was struck with the dumb idea to make icons for every episode of The Office. I guess I miss the show, lol.


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94 Jenna Fischer Icons

[94] Jenna Fischer
Includes Wisely's "Through Any Window" music video, way too many of the gorgeous Jane "clothes off our backs" picture, Blades of Glory, the recent Get Smart premiere, and other older events and photo shoots.

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Angela icons

First icon post! I didn't mess with the coloring on 98%  of these. Some I sharpened, but mostly they're just straight from screen caps. Please comment and let me know what you like! Feel free to mess with some of the icons and the coloring if you want, but please post the new ones so I can see and maybe learn a bit about what you did :) Sorry about the blur on some!

Angela at EW photoshoot
[36-54] Angela on Take Home Handyman


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Angela at the TV Land Awards

House 4x16 - Wilson's Heart: 130
+ 5 banners
Lisa Edelstein: 017
Angela Kinsey, Rainn Wilson & Brain Baumgartner at the TV Land awards: 11

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40 jenna fischer icons

Jenna Fischer is ridiculously gorgeous. So I got bored and made lots of icons. YAY.

[1-25] Jenna at The Promotion screening
[26-32] Jenna leaving Letterman last night (June 2nd)
[34-40] Jenna in Employee of the Month


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[12 x Pam/Jenna Icons]
[10 x Pam & Jim Icons]


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Icon dump

25 ; [Angela Kinsey ; picspam]
11 ; [Ellen Page ; picspam]
04 ; [Kristen Chenoweth ; picspam]
01 ; [Kristen Chenoweth and Kristen Bell]
52 ; [Kristen Bell ; picspam]
02 ; [Jason Segel]
50 ; [Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, John/Jenna ; picspam]
08 ; [The Office ; "Michael's Birthday"]

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